About Carmen

Kia Ora

I first came to Yoga as a young adult, not  intentionally looking for Yoga, infact  i knew little about it. However on a  particular day, i chanced across a video of classical Hatha Yoga, and felt compelled to take it home and try it.  As i followed along, placing myself in postures, i felt something I hadn’t before in my young life – my life-force (prana)  at the time there wasn’t a name to give the  sensations of freedom & expansion in my body, only that it felt incredible and it hooked me.   This humble first Hatha Yoga experience  25 years ago, was my introduction to Yoga, consequently it triggered a lifelong inquiry, into the greater aspects of Yoga as a whole system & philosophy.

25 years on my practice has been largely, a self-directed home practice. I had  great fortune to practise and learn Hatha Yoga, for a few years, with a gentle & grounded teacher by the name of Diane, who taught from a small modest studio and beamed out a radiant,  heart focused practice every time.  This experience was my inspiration to go on and study to teach Hatha Yoga back in 2005 at the Shoshoni Ashram in Boulder Colorado.  A lineage of  living Yoga rooted in ancient tradition.

Learning Yoga in an Ashram enviornment, offered up a beautiful transmission of teaching, carried forward from a lineage of Shaivate Yoga teachers to this day. Expanding my practice,  i opened to other aspects of Yoga.  Beautiful vedic ritual such as Yajna (offering into the fire) the practice of Japa- mantra, understanding dieties as personal reflections of the higher qualities of life and living, learning the verses of the epic Guru Gita.  These other practices subtly unlocked the door to the quality of devotion in my practice, shifting awareness from  the physical into  the life-long practice of attitude, guided by the Living ethics of Yogic philosophy.

Initiated in 2011,  the practice of Kriya Yoga, with  Kriya Yoga NZ,  Heeding the call to explore and practice the deeper aspects of Yoga philosophy & practice, life and living from a traditional Guru/student lineage of teaching  that offered deep roots of reliable & powerful transmissions of knowledge. Attending opportunities to spend time in retreat with the spiritual sangha of the Kriya community and in the presence of Guruji. My kriya practice offers up plenty of opportunity to practice humility. not just in my sadhana, but in response to daily living,  while also informing  the  faciliation of Yoga for good health & calmness

Along the way studies in Ayurveda as a Lifestyle consultant  learning the art of offering  beautiful Ayurvedic therapies and rituals. I don’t currently offer consultations or therapies but have done so and continue to draw on this truly beautiful science of attuned living constantly as tool to support a rich & vibrant Sadhana, helped along with nourishing daily routines, diet and herbs.

Most recently i have studied to teach a  classical vedic meditation technique,  as a  natural expansion of  Yoga facilitation. This technique was taught by the great Kriya Yogi – Paramahamsa Yogananda  referred to as a premavatar (incarnation of love)  a simple technique that offers wonderful rewards.