Affirmation Practice- Cultivating the consciousness of perfect health

Words are vibrations of thoughts. Thoughts are vibrations of power and energy. Thoughts effect  all chemical, psychological and metabolic functions of the body. With this knowledge working consciously with how we speak to and of ourselves is an integral aspect of a whole Yoga practice.

Affirmation can be used to reinforce the natural effect of a posture or used as a practice in its own right. Paramahamsa Yogananda says “Every word you utter should be potent with soul vibration”. he also says that “words saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith & intuition are like explosive vibration bombs”.

The vedic scriptures tell us that stubborn mental or physical disease first has its roots in the sub-conscious mind. which is why when we practice affirmation it must be powerful, free from all doubt & fear, so it can penetrate the depths of the unconscious mind which in turn imparts thoughts to the conscious mind.

Like all other yoga techniques affirmation requires that we enter into the heart of the experience, we participate fully with great clarity, our attention bought back again and again, and like anything with practice we become better.




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