Meditation Practice – Hong Sau

Hong Sau is an ancient Vedic meditation technique. It is simple and can be learnt in 5 minutes. In this video I introduce the basic aspects of Hong Sau & Meditation.

It is not possible to transition from Yogasana to meditation this requires a leap from the body to mind without working with what lies between. To Meditate we first need to concentrate and to concentrate we need to calm & relax our senses & breath which link the body and mind.  We begin with a the Pranayama practice of equal count breathing then introduce repetition of the Mantra Hong Sau as the tool to concentrate the mind (remove attention from objects of distraction). Finally we end with expansion – meditation.

A mantra such as Hong-Sau, are words or a word that can transform consciousness. Essentially it is the sound or seed (bija) of the word that is important not the actual words. It is a Sanskrit mantra derived from Aham Saha ( to identify with ultimate reality)

Hong-Sau has many meanings:  I offer my little self into my higher self – Hong has a dissolving vibration as we inhale & Sau (saw) exhale, merges ego consciousness into higher consciousness. Another simple meaning is; I AM SPIRIT. 

During Hong-Sau you are the silent observer of the breath. Do not try to breathe slowly or deeply just let your body breathe as it wishes, focus of the flow of breathe in the nose. Do not try to force the Mantra either. Hong with the natural flow of the inhale & Sau on the exhale.

Finally we come to the mediation phase. Meditation is in fact a state of being, not the technique. Which is practised to help us attain that state. Feelings of uplifted consciousness such as joy, love, light, sound, vibration & expansion are experiences of being or the expansive state of meditation.


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