Cleansing the winter body with Ayurveda & nature, ayurveda cleanse

There is always an air of  anticipation with  the arrival of Spring. It brings with it the challenge of contrast.    It  can snow one day and  barefoot the next.  The extreme shifts felt in my body, simultaneously  I am called  to grow, to merge with the  flush of vibrant energy,  yet  winter still reigns heavy,  its earthly presence  grips onto my body.

I am learning.  

To transition the seasons –  to explore gentle & necessary boundaries during times of change,  with myself, with my family, with the world.

To study my self – I contemplate the words of Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji   “Am I in sincere relationship in my desire to evolve spiritually?”  What lies and stories have I created that veil the truth and turn away from my-self?   What addictions enslave my senses?  What objects & desires do I hunt to gain a fleeting  experience of happiness? How much of my time is spent out of gratitude?

To stoke my digestive fire – with the alchemy of the  Ayurvedic Kitchari cleanse & plant allies.  Adapted to suit my environment and lifestyle.  To purify my channels, those  which transform food into energy and those that eliminate waste. When the body is clean, the mind is clear;  a perfect garden  which allows the ever present and limitless self to flow forth from the portal of the mind.

Ritucharya; a tool for self-mastery.  Medicine for the soul. When there is trust in the flow of life, there is magic. My dependence on other’s  for medicine,  is less as I learn to make my own.

I am  my own healer. As are you. As are we all., unfolding from winter
















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