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Zen Wisdom through Tea with Master Teacher Wu De


When I was approached by Global Tea Hut and asked if there would be an interest in Cha Dao (zen tea ceremony) in our community, I immediately felt a yes. As a longtime yoga student, I recognise that the meeting of tea & yoga is nothing new.   Rather another step to explore, presence and silence, whereby tea simply becomes the vehicle for experience, rather than the body.abundant.earth, Wu De, zen wisdom

As a Woman that strives to  feel, observe, listen &  live from the wisdom of nature, I am met  daily with the challenge of living within the clutch of the western mind, which has become increasingly obsessed with economics, ownership, & achievement, underpinned by the domination and control of nature. Therefore, I deeply value any kind of quieting of  awareness, and for those that work  in the many ways,  which serve to reunite  the  spiritual life of humanity.

Reclaiming a perspective on the busi-ness, sickness, obsession, and  uneasiness,   I witness within my own community,  requires a deconstruction of that, which has stifled the soul of our Western culture.  The   more teachers,  people and organisations,  whom touch  our communities with the  gifts of healing, ultimately  through the power of slowing down,  is an integral way we can regain meaningful awareness of life .

Wu De is one such teacher. He  graces our community fresh off the back of ceremonies at Wanderlust NZ/AUS.  I am convinced Wu De’s ceremony,  held within the beautiful setting at Mountain Spirit Retreat  will envoke a  sense of calmness and gentleness, as he introduces   a deeper perspective, alongside  the more serious issue of tea sustainability,  into the daily ritual many of us partake in each morning, TEA.

Book here  for an Introduction to Cha Dao with Wu De on the 29th March between 6:30-9:30pm @ Mountain Spirit Retreat, Hawea.