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Grow your – Self

We had the great blessing of sitting with Guruji Paramahamsa Prajanananda and 4 other  extraordinarily calm and wise Swamis  on retreat here in NZ.  They lovingly spent many hours guiding & helping us, each on our  unique path towards self.   Entering into a discourse about growth, Guruji  bought our attention to the fact that on this earth with few exceptions, there is a natural law in which everything has a limit to how much it can physically grow. With particular reference to the Western model of Growth.

Humans don’t continue to grow physically after a certain age, likewise with animals, plants and so on. The point being; there is always a physical limit to how a living thing grows. Whenever this physical limit is exceeded there will be a consequence, usually in the form of excess, lack and inevitable death.

In this same conversation Guruji, also spoke of the difference between Vedic & Western philosophy referrring to the former as fundamentally dependant on exploitation. Of people, land, animals, the earth and material consumption to sustain itself.

In stark contrast, fundamentally shows us how to grow LOVE  and live  in harmony with all living  things on this earth, it teaches  moderation, detachment, respect for all creation, about birth and death, how we can grow ourselves and when this becomes the purpose all our material or physical needs are met without the kind of forcing currently pushed by globalisation.

The Western view of growth is commonly accepted as economic growth; a term used to describe numbers & degrees of size.  In the true sense of the word; growth is used to describe a natural living thing or system.

Therefore, the term economic growth – is actually a contradiction. The Western model works to maximise financial profit at the expense of all else. It requires destruction & exploitation of living things. Numbers may grow, but all living things, in the path of economic growth may not.

In taking some time to observe our  own communities  as the face change  many through rapid growth, turning to the essence of the word grow; what is growing in our communities and what is not?

Within our unique communities, we have reached a critical crossroads: We can continue to support  the path that leads to exploitation and destruction of Natural Systems or we can foster new models for sensible and moderate growth of our communities. Models that nurture people, nature and economy, true growth in every sense of the word.

The potential for change and benefit for all is only as limited as our own imaginations. What can you imagine? Perhaps access to land for families, resource based local economies including well managed passive tourism, decentralised water & waste systems rather than the status quo.

Let’s grow  our SELF in LOVE, uniquely strong communities, trees, organic food, an increased quality of life, peacefulness, clean air and pure water and actual homes for people and their families.