abundant.earth, spiritual mother

I am a Spiritual Mother. Living my own Spiritual Story.

Spiritual Life, stretches me.  Raising a family,  stretches me.  Often I feel,  I am  not qualified for the great energy  that both these paths require, yet here I am,  Mother and Spiritual Student, all in the same breath.

The deep internal call to spiritually evolve is, not confined, to the ways of the traditional Sadhak -(Sanskrit: साधक). Not cushioned or cocooned from the external world in seclusion, living in an Ashram or Monestary.   Appealing as it is for my soul,  I’ve accepted that Ashram life isn’t my Karma.

My home is my ashram. Life is my tapasya. Being a Mother is my pilgrimage.abundant.earth, spiritualmother

Spiritual evolution happens every moment  I participate in the world with presence. My eyes: observing, not wanting to miss a beat, as my children grow, learn and figure out their place in the world. My ears: listening to the inner realms guiding my choices,  responding  with awareness, to a child’s angst, disappointment, fear or sadness.

The  solitude I seek is not found alone,  in the hills or a cave,  but from my seat in the living room, often with children observing, bemused,  as I greet the morning in meditation.

As my mind  expands through the practice and integration of my sadhana, needs become simpler.  Organic food, nature, clean water & air, love, truth liberation, joy, and the warrior spirit born from a practice of  meditation & yoga.

These are the pillars that guide my family.

Each day gifted with opportunities, which serve to free the mind. I don’t  need to commit to gruelling routines of austerity.  Simply being  human in a world that stifles spirit, nature and sovereignty, that demands, twists,  and at times is uncomfortable,  is gruelling enough.   As long as my integrity and sincerity  are in tact,  my life is my spiritual practice,  unraveling limiting and illusionary behaviour.

I  seek within; humility, solitude and stillness, so  I  may hear the  quiet resonance  of Mother earth wisdom.    And that is enough.

I am a spiritual Mother. Living my own spiritual story.