Don’t believe everything you think; how meditation can help unfold truth from story

I will soon be helping people in my community –  to learn how to  meditate –  as well as offering an ongoing weekly group satsang, to support those that have learnt the technique which I teach.

The meditation, I teach is alive, it has centuries of practice behind it, the vibration of many a Man & Woman, Monk & Master entwined in its mantra. I will be honest and share that;  the responsibility to honour the vast energy of the technique is not one to be taken lightly and if I allowed myself to believe the mind stories that play out, there would be little chance that a group would even start.

And…. that is why I meditate.

Through my  meditation practice I have come to see the stories, the negative churning that I have lived with, at some points in my life very severely.    The stuff which fills up so much space both in mind & body that it leaves little room for the vital life energy to flow through me.

To recognise that I am not my thoughts, I don’t to  need believe everything that I think. Is true liberation.  This self-awareness  is freeing me –   the thoughts that  lead to low self-esteem and useless self-doubt are not really who I am.

From time to time my spiritual devotion requires much resilience. As one whom devotes time daily to silence & stillness among the backdrop of Western capitalist culture,  I have had to overcome  spiritual malaise.  Navigating the duality & confusion as I  make sense of the world.  Society, even Spiritual teachers saying one thing, my soul speaking to me differently.

Despite the immense contradiction  of practicing stillness in a busy world, my practice has always won through. My relationship to meditation continues to morph & change, these days, I listen less & less to the relentless hustle of  society, &  seek the wisdom that is the  stillness of  my soul.

I’m not free –  yet –  from negative untruths or selfishness,  but I am more efficient in catching them,   as they try to find ways to climb into my mind. I have  much still to learn or more pertinently unlearn as potential lifetimes of  samskaras,  social &  familial  unravel.

Meditation is teaching me  how to master myself.  With courage and a devoted practice  the past & present samsakaras   revealed,  with the right energy & mind,  through right wisdom I have the strength to meet them.

Thanks to my meditation practice, my soul culture is alive & well.  I have come to realise that despite what society tells us; we aren’t supposed to have all the answers, we don’t need to be fixed or perfect.  Life is not as bad as what the t.v tells us it is (I don’t watch it or listen to the radio and encourage you to do the same) and Meditation is a far superior reality than any movie or T.V show.

Meditation is  perhaps the most highly creative experience we could have as Humans on this earth.  Isn’t that worth trying?