Kotare – Kingfisher speaks

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I am kingfisher I am stillness, waiting in the silence I am awareness, watching in reflection I am balance holding in harmony I am intent, perfect in completion I am Kotare Barry Brailsford – Wisdom of the Four Winds Kotare -(Kingfisher) came to our family recently, following the west winds and rains. Kingfisher is not […]

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Grow your – Self


We had the great blessing of sitting with Guruji Paramahamsa Prajanananda and 4 other  extraordinarily calm and wise Swamis  on retreat here in NZ.  They lovingly spent many hours guiding & helping us, each on our  unique path towards self.   Entering into a discourse about growth, Guruji  bought our attention to the fact that […]

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Heart to Heart – Why i teach yoga

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Often it is said that to teach Yoga or Meditation we must first have mastered it.  To be honest,  i have mastered neither. Nor do i  consider myself a teacher, or leader, both do not  come naturally for me. Alongside what seems to be a rather unconventional fit for a Yoga teacher,  the truth is:  […]

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