Free yourself; from Material Consciousness

material consciousness,

  Breathe deeply dears. The world is  changing –  we are  changing. We are  of age. Some call it the Bronze age, others call it the Age of Aquarius, Yoga philosophy knows it as Dwapara Yuga.   Great thinkers  such as Paramhamsa Yogananda   & Nikola Tesla igniting the transition, their remarkable work is now more relevant than […]

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The wise ones say, the wise ones say

The wise ones say; “that our amount of happiness is proportional to our discipline”. The wise ones know that the path of truth realisation is not for the meek.  That discipline is essential to engage with life and meet it where ever it takes us. The wise ones say; It takes discipline –  for the […]

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Cancer the dis-ease of a chemical & consumer culture, cancer is a chemical disease

Cancer –  ravishing our people, our animals, our land.  Casualties of a culture  disconnected  from  our abundant earth. An undeniable consequence of  chemical lifestyles & exposure. The 3 big C’s; cancer, chemical’s & consumerism  spinning a thick toxic web. How did humanity become so ludicrous?  Enabling monsanto to fight for the right to take the […]

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