Cancer & how yoga can help alleviate stress & symptoms

yoga with carmen. yoga for cancer

Yoga for cancer Tuesdays/ St Johns Rm / Wanaka/ $12 casual/ $10 block These sessions are for  anyone affected, one form or another by cancer, including caregivers/support people & family. My Grand Mother,  died last year, she had cancer. My dad was  diagnosed with late stage 4, non- hodgkins lymphoma he died On May the […]

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Nature + Self Care are cheaper than therapy – no doctor required

Dinacharya –  (Sanskrit: दिनचर्या “daily-routine”)   Unique to the Ayurvedic Science of health & living,  Dinacharya  also known as Ayurveda Self Care,  taps into the essence of natures rhythms, with the knowledge that when we honour & live according to daily cycles, we connect into the vibrant, abundant, cosmic energy,  which in turn will awaken […]

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