Private Yoga facilitation with Carmen

As an alternative to – Yoga in the community for good health and calmness, offered to the public from the St Johns Room and Community Hub in Wanaka.  I  also offer private yoga/meditation facilitation in the privacy of your home or preferred space.  I recognise that we  have unique needs and sometimes a public group yoga session is not the best option. Perhaps the practice time doesn’t suit, or practising in a group is not comfortable for varying reasons, therefore private facilitation can accommodate and in fact offer a better suited approach, compatible to your needs. This approach offers an opportunity to refine techniques that suit present situations and enables access to high quality experienced yoga & meditation facilitation.

Private facilitation is donation based, as a contribution to my family living costs. In some cases, funding may be available, from local community networks or umbrella organisations and is worth looking into. I am always willing to find  appropriate solutions, including occasions where a donation may not be necessary, I  will heart-fully facilitate Yoga/Meditation as a service.  My first priority is to support people in the community to access  quality Yoga & meditation as tool,  for better mental, spiritual & physical health.

I hope this inspires you to connect for a chat.

Suggested donation: 1-1.5 hour including a phone or email consultation sliding scale of  $0  – $50 & $20 pp – suggested  for a group of 3 or more.

Some situations that may be better suited for Private Yoga facilitation.

  • Pre/present/post – cancer or other disease support. Access Yoga that can be personalised to  meet your wellbeing needs, wherever you are in the recovery journey. I can even offer specific yoga techniques if   on bed rest or in palliative care.
  • Feel awkward attending a group class – limiting access to Yoga facilitation
  • One on one facilitation to support a deeper more refined practice
  • Group/organisation/business – whom are seeking the health and wellness benefits for its members or employees, suited to meet the groups needs and awareness of yoga

I have offered private meditation & yoga facilitation for: wellness retreats, holiday guests, patients in palliative care, one on one instruction for deeper awareness. Please contact me  in confidence your situation and to discuss if this approach to yoga may suit your needs.