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Yoga in the community – vision for all

I have a vision.

To bring Yoga into our Communities’ –  as an acknowledged,  inclusive & valuable resource for health, well-being & harmonious living, provided by the Community, within the Community.

Who am I? A long-term student, teacher &  health practitioner of the Vedic Science’s  of  life & living, Ayurveda & Yoga. Seeking  to share the practical benefits of these universal life philosophies to support our Communities ,  with mental & physical health,  awareness, vitality, purpose & connection to each other & nature.

Over the course of the 20 plus years as student  & teacher,  I have seen a remarkable adoption of   Yoga.   I have also experienced a   divergence from its living ethics & main goal.  Now,  commonly  taught, as the practice of  Asana Yoga,  a system of physical exercise to improve health, and tone the body, and frequently used as commodity in an unsustainable & exploitive debt economy.

While Asana  is beneficial,  it is not true Yoga, neither is using it to obtain or seek  anything beyond what is necessary to live a moderate Life.  Relatively speaking –   it is a pale comparison to what Yoga is capable of offering thus limited.  The key to using Yoga as a practical tool to  benefit our communities, is to assure it is offered in a way  which, serves  as  a living example of its living ethics.

Yoga in the Community  steps away from  divergence, it is an ongoing discovery which strives to uphold    the living ethics of Yoga Philosophy.     Because  it is partly benefactor funded, it moves Yoga back into the model, where a teacher can expect  some contribution to  living costs, while  avoiding  the complexities that come with offering it for profit including –  exclusivity,  the non-essential and  excessive.

Yoga in the community seeks  alignment with the  ethics  of “moderation & simplicity”  and “plain & simple living” as its guiding principles. Taken from – The Yoga Sutra of Sage Patanjali,  Paramahamsa Prajnananda

It  expands beyond the  limitations of Asana Yoga,  into the other limbs, teaching breathing & life force energy (Pranayama) meditation (Dhyana) which change brain chemistry & increase concentration.  While respecting and building upon inherent values unique to our culture, communicating the nature of consciousness and how to act with awareness and to find inner contentment.

It will accommodate  the person that  comes to class with one goal in mind such as  to experience better flexibility, relieve symptoms of pain &  cancer, or other dis-ease of the body and mind  or  to overcome disorders such as hypertension, depression, anxiety to even lose weight,  as well as  support those with more advanced experience. We all do the same practice and what matters is that we are all practicing together for the common purpose of feeling good.

Yoga begins when there is no forcing or stress. As many Yoga students know,  if we have to force ourselves into a posture this has little benefit.  Much like the subtle forces & stress that come with teachers & studios needing to market & advirtise to  students  for  financial commitment when Yoga is offered according to current economic models of business.  When this model is eliminated  issues of   affordability, exclusivity & wrong practice can be  stamped out.   Ultimately,  Yoga is a commitment to the self, not a contract.

As any yoga student that has experienced the benefits  from their practice knows, this isn’t something that is determined by money.  It comes with right practice. The intention of Yoga in the Community is offered from a place of equanimity, without forcing, expectation or coercing, then by this very nature, Yoga has begun before a student steps foot into the practice space.

Yoga in the Community is a heartfelt call to action, to offer techniques of yoga which systematically build our vital energy,  as a response to the   observable increase in the number of people struggling.   While we are  impacted by conditions on a global level, the immediate conditions within our Community environment & relationships influence us more.

I invite you to come along and experience for your-self the far-reaching benefits of – Yoga.

Yoga in the Community fpr Good health & Calmness is offered in the Upper Clutha at the St Johns Room & Community Hub  your participation in the class also  supports the St Johns  voluntary service and the ongoing support of the Community Hub, as well as providing access to quality Yoga for those experiencing Hardship.

The venue space is generously donated by a benefactor/student & the Community Hub alongside Carmen, whom support the vision to bring –  Yoga into our Communities  as an acknowledged tool for: Community – Mental, Spiritual & Physical Health. Allowing for a no-one turned away philosophy.


Tuesdays St Johns Rm – 9.30-10.45

Thursdays Community Hub – 9.30-10.45

Gentle Yoga for good health & calmness


Can you help bring yoga into the community?