Freedom not found anywhere – but within ourselves


We are never alone in our fight to dispel the tendencies within us which mask our freedom.  Our history is wrought with the battle for liberation ~ a natural-born right ~ the enslavement of the free people,   an unfortunate consequence of lower consciousness, physically manifested and acted out in ways that have shaped history.

Before the creation of the New Zealand Company, this land of Aotearoa was not owned. That consciousness came with the reign of the corporate structure introduced to this land by the Crown. The in justice past not by the people who travelled by ship, but by the New Zealand Company that bought the people here by ship.  For  the,  crown  owned New Zealand company sought  Land as a  tool to enslave & control the people, all people alike.

Today,  we continue to endure the same systems of enslavement, as those  experienced by the free people across the globe, colonised by the crown.  Systems so refined that we have come to accept them as normal.  Increasing government legislations that remove the voice of the people may not be a brutal act of control, but this type of power is equally harmful.

Such heavy times past & present, but all is better that it seems, the ancient ones whispers are growing louder, more of us are learning how to listen, our liberation not found in ownership of anything, but within ourselves as we move into our higher minds and again recognise it is our god given right to walk freely upon this abundant earth in ways that honour all life. We  are rewriting history, you and i, our children,  as we heal the wounds of our ancestors and step above the design that breeds division & war.

Our stories must not be forgotten, but we must  also forge new ones that have different endings.








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