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Kotare – Kingfisher speaks

I am kingfisher

I am stillness, waiting in the silence

I am awareness, watching in reflection

I am balance holding in harmony

I am intent, perfect in completion

I am Kotare

Barry Brailsford – Wisdom of the Four Winds

Kotare -(Kingfisher) came to our family recently, following the west winds and rains. Kingfisher is not common in our place amongst the mountains, in the 8 years I have lived here I have never seen one.  Except for the day, on a late Winters afternoon, we found one dying outside the lounge window that it had flown into.

abundant.earth, kotare

As a Woman that seeks the magic beyond the mundane,  nature speaks. When a bird like Kotare entered our life for that brief moment in time, we knew its death at our window was not random. Kingfisher carries the  stories of many cultures through out the ages,  including the Waitaha of this land, whom see Kotare as Kaitiaki (guardian) of the people. With this wisdom our family gathered around and held our bird messenger lovingly, in its last moments Kotare had bought with its death a gift, as we become the conscious witness of life leaving its perfect body.

Those that know the Kingfisher know that this bird is the “epitome of vigilance“it knows how to strike with determination and precision, shy and solitary, does not much care for urban living and human interaction, it is home among the waterways and estuaries.

Not one for  coincidence,  Kotare came to our family, in  a time that we find ourselves needing to skillfully communicate the higher spiritual energies, while navigating the integration of both the higher and lower planes of consciousness, selflessly Kotare made itself known.  Much can be learnt from our animal allies, should we choose to see from the unseen, and while Kotare bore a message unique to us, it also revealed  a universal message – Take time for yourself in quite solitude connecting to Mother Earth. Grounding and centering is needed.

Only then can peace and prosperity (beyond the material ) be for all of us.