purposeful living

The ones that don’t see: Nature

The domination of nature, is simply the ignorant denial to see  the incredible beauty reflected within – Carmen

The ones that pave paradise;  don’t see this.

Mastery of the world is achieved
by letting things take their natural course.
If you interfere with the way of Nature,
you can never master the world. – Lao Tsu

The ones that pave paradise; don’t understand this.

Shunning wide open spaces, cutting down trees, poisoning  waterways and our food. Enslaving  animals as well as ourselves. Creating communities & cities that are crowded, concreted,  drowning in noise and drenched in blazing neon lights.

The ones that don’t see:  are encouraged to spend money on  holidays in nature. Enticed to  countries like New Zealand,  that accommodate the masses by blasting roads through pristine wilderness.  Conveniently moving  big steel cages, so that the imprisoned tourist can glance at  the moving landscapes from behind panes of glass. An experience that soon fades, nature not truthfully seen.

The ones that don’t see:  the beauty of our living earth,  around us and in us.  The awakened ones watch and wait sadly as ignorance prefers to control and conquest nature, rather than observe and contemplate how we can live within it. Harmoniously.


‘The breath of our  Mother Earth, cloaked in poison, her veins contaminated with  the Human Cancer of restlessness. For that which is within us is also reflected outside us.’ – carmen

To attain, what the restless mind seeks to possess, cannot be found in  owning or dominating nature and surely not from an expensive holiday.

True happiness the antidote to restlessness, is not found in possession of the material, extracted and exploited from the Earth.

True happiness: is aligned with the unraveling of    possession & ownership of, anything.

True happiness: is aligned with natural law, where nobody can own & possess land.

True happiness:  begins by Creating  EcoHaven’s to support healthy relationships to our environment,  based on giving.  Not possessing and imposing un natural will.