Please browse through the testamonial page and read about the diverse experience and reasons folk practice yoga for Good health & calmness. It is important to remind ourselves especially if new to Yoga, that like anything we do for the first time it can feel strange.  It is intended that by sharing others experiences this will reinforce: that despite the myriad of reasons we may tell ourselves why we CAN’T practice which may hold us back from the uplifted states of awareness and health that a practice can develop, we should not be limited by them, particularly if drawn to begin the practice of Yoga.

Sue –1) What are your thoughts on how you find your experience with Yoga, and suggestions if there could be ways to improve the experience? When I first started yoga after my John died I wasn’t at all keen about the meditation section but slowly over time I’ve learnt how to use it positively and I’m learning how to relax and ‘let go’ and it is helping me a lot. I enjoy the stretches and poses and learning to breathe properly while doing these stretches & poses, and I’m still learning and consciously have to remind myself not to hold my breath

2) What do you enjoy most about these classes? The different poses & stretches and challenging my body to get into the different poses and stretches along with the different ways to breathe and how they can help our bodies and state of mind.

3) Do you feel that coming regularly to the class or classes has changed aspects of your life? Yes it has during my grieving and coping to the ups and downs, kickbacks/’rejection’ etc in my life, learning to cope and make decisions, some huge, in my ‘new’ life. It’s helping me with my posture, breathing and learning to relax and stay relaxed and letting go of ‘worries’. Not sure that I could cope with a more vigorous form of yoga but am trying body balance as well at the moment which is faster than your yoga session, I can almost keep up. The yoga I have been doing is certainly helping in body balance so I think for me all the forms of exercise/ balance etc that I am doing arew all helping me feel a ‘better and more motivated’ person.

Kathryn – I came along more for the need of stretch with aging muscles shortening.
Initially I was overwhelmed with the amount of time lying or sitting on the mat. And the oummm really freaked me to be truthful.
But I decided that there are many yoga classes in Wanaka, but the Universe led me to you. So I figured I needed, what you were able to share and have stuck with it.I’m slowly adjusting to the breathing meditation part of the lesson.

Anna – I love your holistic approach, including pranayama, mind meditation, verbalising positive mantras and offering prayer. For me, the asanas are generally a beautiful moving meditation – all in all, an hour and a quarter of bliss. It’s a really deeply contented space to be in and to be sharing with others. I always love the collective energy of the class and that my energy levels are elevated after class. I generally find that Tuesday afternoons are extremely productive… in a really positive way!

During the last 10 years, yoga has played a pivotal role in changing my life for the better. From time to time, it engages me to look at, and provides clarity of my values and thought processes, which undoubtedly has had a major influence on decision making of my life’s direction. Yoga has given me the resilience to face and work through some major hurdles and ongoing long term neuropathic pain, and also patience and a positive tendency when needing to find, sometimes very quickly, creative solutions. Like oxygen, yoga sustains my physical, mental and spiritual energy and well being – I simply would be lost without it.

Jo-lilly & Scotty – Carmen is a true yogi who walks the yoga talk.  Not just a physical practise. You can’t help but feel a little more nourished and centred in body, mind and spirit after one of her wonderful authentic yoga sessions. It is yoga on a deeper level with clear mindfulness and a purposeful approach. Gratitude and intention are always in mind too.

She  eases into the class gently with relaxation. She is genuinely concerned for her students and always checks in with each one on how their body is feeling before the class begins. Her classes are the most personal and intimate groups I have ever experienced. Every class is unique and she is always teaching and sharing new postures, stretches, and intentions. It is an absolute treat to attend one of her classes. I have been a student of Carmen’s for over 5 years and feel very lucky to have come across such an absolute gem of a teacher, not to mention beautiful human being. If you want soulful yoga this is the place to go in Central Otago.

Ruth 1) What are your thoughts on how you find your experience with Yoga, and suggestions if there could be ways to improve the experience? I find yoga very beneficial and plan to continue with your classes. I hope that I might work up to twice a week. I did enjoy the Community Hub space.

2) What do you enjoy most about these classes? Because I meditate regularly, I very much appreciate your emphasis on this aspect. There is an energy about meditating in a group, that I enjoy. The variety of practices that you share each week is great. Also that you extend us through the holding of poses, but equally don’t apply any pressure to do so if it doesn’t feel right. As a teacher you radiate a sense of calm and peace and strength. Your emphasis of the spiritual underpinnings of our practice is most valuable for me too.

3) Do you feel that coming regularly to the class or classes has changed aspects of your life?I am learning new practices, and look forward to attending classes. Hopefully my attendance can become more regular, because I do appreciate the sense of calmness and balance that your classes engender.

Janet – 1)     What are your thoughts on how you find your experience with Yoga, and suggestions if there could be ways to improve the experience? I walk into the room & say to myself ‘there is no place I would rather be”

2)     What do you enjoy most about these classes? The breathing exercise, variety after attending classes for 30 years, the spiritual side to your classes & you Carmen !

3)     Do you feel that coming regularly to the class or classes has changed aspects of your life?I can’t imagine life without yoga.  I wanted to let you know how your teachings have helped me these last few months. Your classes were my safe place where I heard your calm, inspiring view on life. That motivation block you have spoken of lately is what I’m working on,

Deb – 1. I love the experience of yoga and the careful, deliberate way you guide us through the asanas.
2. I love how you talk us through the experience, helping our minds to become one with our bodies. You challenge us to hold certain poses and breathe through these – I find that challenging but very good. I also like how you pick up on individual issues such as my stiff calf muscles, offering me a strap. I like visualizing the chakras and how you guide us in meditation, Bliss. My body seems to need back bends (cobra, camel), twists, balance poses and anything strengthening – even though I can find these challenging. I love how the time flies by and you create a liminal space where the past and future are irrelevant. You kindly but firmly prompt us back to the present moment. Your classes are uplifting and healing on so many levels.
3. When I was attending regularly, yes – I felt yoga classes were enormously helpful for my anxiety!

I have to say, your class today was FABULOUS!! You know, it’s always great but this morning it was phenomenal. You remind us that the earth supports and nurtures us – such a simple yet profound thing. I loved the chakra postures and your visualization and sankalpa guidance as we moved through each. It felt transcendent – truly.

Joy –I really enjoy your approach to yoga and the way you incorporate the teachings.I like the constant reminders about breath and about where to focus and what areas to hold and when.I feel relaxed and pleasantly stretched and worked at the end of a session.

Lee – 1 – I think you run a great session. I like your approach and appreciate that you consider our older ages, fitting the exercises to fit.
2 – I enjoy the sessions, the exercises, the meditation, meeting up with the others.
I feel rejuvenated afterwards. I’m sure it helps keep me moving, more supple.
3 – if I attended classes more regularly I’m sure I would feel better, move more freely.

Mary – I enjoy the company and the environment in the Hub(it is close to home for me I am not familiar with some of the terms you use and would love a brief written list of these. I am very familiar with cat cow, downward dog, child’s pose etc but not the other words which I realise are derived from other forms of yoga.

Annette – I love your classes. They suit me perfectly for calmness and flexibility.