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Spiritual Awakening & why it’s not for the faint hearted

Once we have experienced an awakening – I  mean the  wide awake kind of  awakening –   there is no turning back to the old ways. In the beginning there is almost a sense of betrayal from god, as we question why humanity is seemingly spinning in opposition to the simplicity that all the great spiritual masters, teachers and prophets allude to in their teachings.spiritual awakenin, abundan.earth

As we move into our higher minds   ignorance no longer holds us strong in  limiting  behaviours,  beliefs, actions or lack of action. For now  we  must stand firm in the shoes of  integrity. Questioning the motives behind the meaningless and relentless suffering imposed upon  our kinsfolk & communities, animals & environment, our earth.  Which we in turn impose on ourselves & our loved ones. With one foot forward in the new paradigm,  awakened ones are ridiculed for standing against the old ways. Conspiracies, alternatives, terrorists, quacks, hippies, wild,  are but a few of  names coined  to those that seek a life aligned with non harming,  truth and integrity, three values that have suffered greatly in the hands of the oligarchy.quote

As the veils lift, much of what we have learned and believed as  necessary routines in our lives, unmask a morbid  conspiracy against humanity. Where truth becomes stranger than fiction, in the kind of light vs dark, star wars melodrama. At what point did our culture become spiritually barren?  When did we lose higher awareness, our core values?  The spirituality that we teach our children but somehow gets overthrown in favour of greed, fear, attachment and violence. Values such as honesty, to not speak or treat  each other in harmful or hurtful ways, to be compassionate & kind and perhaps most pertinently to be resilient, but not to the point,  that we build fences around our homes to keep people out and hoard wealth.

Awakening is not an infinite acid trip. There is an immense responsibility that takes place, when the truth is uncovered, when our ignorance is lifted. It is not a place for the faint hearted, it requires steadiness and a warrior spirit to walk in a world that is controlled by the antithesis of natural spiritual law.