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Empowering social change with a Non-Vote: liberation from a corrupt & unhealthy political system

i am no longer  well-adjusted to living in a country that is governed by a political system that censors free speech, sponsers media, lies and then lies about the lies, is committed to the United Nations globalisation agenda and puts:  economics before wisdom,  health,  community, environment & ecosystems , before people,  before….. everything!

For this reason, as our general elections loom, i have made the conscious choice to not vote.

This year,  i won’t vote.

This is not  an act of indifference or apathy, on the contrary, i care, deeply.   i won’t take ridicule for my actions personally, for this is simply the  way we  behave, when  core beliefs have been shaken.

i  simply don’t support, stagnated, unhealthy, outdated, globalist  to state driven political shenanigans that serve as fear tactics to entrench divided thinking in our country.abundnat.earth, empowering social change

Our government  (govern – to control, ment – mind) –  the executive of the Corporate Sate of New Zealand and it’s head of state ( Queen Elizabeth – the crown)  their structures,  our people, our environment, our flora & fauna, our water,  our economy our communities are unhealthy and sick.

i No longer,  have faith in politicians to act responsibly.  i no longer  tolerate or support a   political system that feeds into the debt-money and the globalist agenda that uphold: censorship, pharmaceutical dependency war, lying & spying & materialism  as the highest good, and view progress and success by how much money we spend and how much we consume.  This kind of progress is making our country the world and it’s people sick.

Politicians so ignorant and brainwashed, that they believe  thriving on competition, thriving on authority, thriving on instilling fear, thriving on greed, thriving on oppression, thriving on racism, and most appalling thriving off apathy, ignorance and blind faith from  voters,  is best for our people and country.

I don’t thrive under these qualities.

My vote is a non-vote.

i am  liberating myself from a corrupt, unhealthy & sick system.   i choose to not give my power into a  system that is the antithesis of how i live and the qualities i value.

i vote for a complete overhaul  of how and who we vote into the prestigious role of leadership. i vote for  leaders that are upheld by three qualities, sincerity, integrity and authenticity. Whom empower pro-active, healthy, creative & critically thinking, leaders and citizens, not followers and voters.

i vote for a system of civics and council by the people for the people. 

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49OU8ycxFg0 — “]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlWz5IEGdy8[/su_youtube]