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Misuse of intelligence

Within the pages  of the  ancient  Ayurvedic text  Charaka Samhitta  is the pulse of timeless wisdom on the disease and suffering of the  human experience. According to the Charaka – Misuse of intelligence – is the primary principle for which all suffering is created. A concise statement, which,  should humanity chose to respond to living in accordance to the truth that this statement bares,  our experience of the world would be entirely different.

Mis use of intelligence is the act of going against our inner wisdom – when our ability to discern that which brings us health, peace, resilience and vitality is impaired our capacity to respond to the world in conscious, intelligent & intuitive ways becomes distorted, which in turn leads to disease and suffering. I believe that the Charaka was written by the ancient seers as a seed for the present times. The dark times of the Kali Yuga – which turned us against our inner wisdom, wisdom hidden in the trees, water & earth, held in the song & stories  of the ancestors. Hidden in our acceptance of what is considered normal, – a culture that abuses our fundamental life sources – ourselves,  the land, water and air with chemicals and ignorant attitudes of ownership,  while   expecting  to find peace, happiness and health?

I suspect that within this concise statement of truth the seers were attempting to show us –  that which we seek – will only ever be found when we can once again shift our awareness and begin to experience this great earth we live upon and with,  as a community we belong to.  To act in comm-unity with the earth and all creatures of creation that live here requires a deep bow of surrender to that part of ourselves that thinks it KNOWS everything. It is only from this place that we can begin to open into the wonder and develop the respect, humility and love required to act with true intelligence.

As Sadguru says:

Anything in this existence, a tree any kind of tree a blade of grass, a grain of sand, one single atom – do you understand any of these things fully? NO – this lack of understanding is ignorance!

When this is your level of intelligence & perception, how should you walk in the world? Gently, with a little humility respect & love, then at least AWE because you don’t understand a damn thing in this world. If you just learn to walk like this you will not escape a spiritual process. You don’t need any teaching it will happen to you anyway.