Yoga – the practice

Why I teach the practice of Yoga for Good Health & Calmness

To share with you that- which- i- experience.  Which is;  with right effort Yoga, as a system of mind, breathing, lifestyle & physical  practices shows us how to  to use our energy properly, awakens our-self to the sacredness of life and how to live from a place of peace. When we our peaceful within ourselves we help bring peace to the wider world.

What is the method of Yoga?

The practice is designed to cultivate a greater sense of refined concentration & consciousness, while building balanced vital energy. Which in turn will guide the – self towards the  natural underlying experience of meditation that helps to clear our negative impulses.


It’s not beginners or advanced yoga, its yoga that everybody can come too. Some folk may have more practised experience, some folk have none, however the essence of Yoga for good health & calmness  is that we all do the same practice. It will meet your willingness to use it as a tool for self- discovery. Not determined by how flexible, advanced or experienced one is.  Age does not hinder the practice of Yoga for Good Health and Calmness, there is no obligation to “keep up”  only that you bring right effort & attitude and  be in the practice with your own rhythm. The physical postures are an important aspect of Yoga for good health and calmness, but not the focus.


Starting Yoga for the first time, learn more here


It is not about forcing and achieving beautiful postures or  becoming  more spiritual, or attached to a particular style.  A Yoga for good health & calmness practice   directs the mind inward  rooted in the Niyama  of  self -study – Svadhyaya.  Draws on systematic Yoga techniques & rituals,  which allow a direct experience  of the powerful ways  to build vital  life energy and equally to recognise when we need to make lifestyle adjustments in order to  keep ourselves strong,  develop our experience of peace, and maintain  balance.

With more focused  awareness from a regular practice you become receptive, relaxed and calm  tuning into the truth of who you are: your own authority, (Sat)- truth (Chit) – consciousness (Ananda) – bliss

Embracing the whole system of Yoga…….

The foundations of Yoga facilitated by Carmen are interpretations, practice & teachings shared from the wider aspects of Yoga,  that form a balanced practice of the  whole system of Yoga  the practice is not limited to a style of Hatha/Asana Yoga (physical postures).

Yoga techniques  practiced are:  Gentle Asana & Kriya, Nada Yoga, Affirmation,  Pranayama, Mudra, Mantra, Dhyana & Meditation, Yoga Nidra & Chakra practice.

Equally, woven into the practice are  Yama & Niyama –  the living ethics of Yoga that explore the yogic aspect of right living & right attitude. Which aid to lift our awareness into expanded liberated states rather than contraction & bondage.   Knowledge gleaned from Masters, Guru’s, teachers, the Sutras, and other valuable knowledge on Yoga combined with a personal 25  years of  self led practice & experiential Yoga lifestyle.   A practice which  imparts that which is experienced as  helpful in supporting, SELF discovery & up lifted consciousness; when we  live in tune with our surroundings and experience  deep peace, devotion & good health.

Whatever I teach, I also practice.


At the heart of  Yoga for Good Health & Calmness is community service with a  NO one turned away philosophy. A lack of money or hardship should not hinder eagerness for knowledge and well-being.


What if I am not flexible, or spiritual  or I feel yoga is not active enough?

Yoga first and foremost is NOT limited to flexibility posturing or any kind of religious dogma.  It  is about settling mind, emotions and energy as we systematically refine our consciousness (  Satchidānanda) Relatively speaking – practising yoga as Asana only,  is a pale comparison to what the whole system of Yoga although it is capable of offering  a natural inclination for  other aspects of the practice of Yoga. Yoga is  active, (when united with the force of the mind, calm & focused attention) not passive.   The key to using Yoga as practical tool that has unlimited potential, is to assure it is offered in a way  which, serves  as  a living practice.   Flexibility  and age are not a prerequisite to practice, how physically flexible one is  does not determine  progress on the path of Yoga.

Can I come to Your class if I have Cancer or other illness?

Yes – if your energy feels good.

Yoga for good health & calmness – The Practice

Begins……….with  simple techniques to develop  the minds focused awareness: into the body  and onto the breath.  Observation of the layers of body, unite (yoga) the forces of the mind & breath then  Yoga begins. Starting with the same  techniques to calm ourselves,  to set the foundation to practice  from a place of neutrality,  peace, awareness, and  breathe consciousness.

In this way the practice is aimed for anyone. With a sustained practice we dive into the more subtle layers of being (koshas) and attune to energy systems (chakras) beyond the physical.  We are reminded to not add tension to our practice instead find our place of equanimity – (to be in the practice and not desire it to somehow be different from it is ).

Common Techniques used include: Asana(physical postures) pranayama,  (breath and prana development ) kriya’s (actions to cleanse and purify energy channels), mantra  (to focus the mind)  Nada ( inner sound) Mudra ( body & hand gestures ) affirmation, meditation, Yoga Nidra. 

The combination of these aid to draw our senses inwards,  strengthen, nourish & cleanse the bodily systems & focus the mind.  Designed to develop a greater sense of refined concentration & consciousness.  When practised from this awareness: Asana (physical postures) become a  vehicle for directing prana (vital energy) to parts of the body that require healing, while also building a radiant life force.

It is the prana that heals, not the Asana itself.

Without focused attention on the free flow of energy in the body and on the breathe, Yogasana  simply  becomes posturing and can result to increased fixation on the body, rigidity of the mind & emotions.


How can I come to a class?

You are encouraged to come along and attend a class and see if this approach to yoga and Carmen as a teacher resonates with you.  There is no expectation or obligation required from you. It is suggested you come at least a little  earlier,  if you are attending for the first time, to meet Carmen.  If you are visiting you are most welcome to come along and join in.  See below for  the timetable.



Tuesdays – St Johns Room / Link Way – Wanaka- 9:45 -10:45 am: Gentle Yoga for Good Health and Calmness

Thursdays- Community Hub/Mcdougall St -Wanaka- 9.45-10.45 am: Gentle Yoga for Good Health and Calmness


How much does it cost to attend?

The structure of Yoga in the Community allows for no-one to be turned away. A modest amount is charged for the class  for those that have the means to pay. Casual rate of $12 or $100 concession for 10 classes used at discretion, while those whom find themselves in a time of hardship can practice at no cost, no questions asked.

The modest fees  and  practice of Yoga for good health & calmness, gives back to  the fundamental community organisation of ST Johns & the Community Hub, through venue hire alongside a small teacher wage. While the kind donation of private benefactor, Carmen and contribution also from the community Hub offers the community access to quality Yoga faciliation without becoming hindered by cost.

 The vision of Yoga in the Community. With the continued support and kindness from a benefactor & student sees  the goal  of bringing yoga into our communities a step closer;  as a recognised tool for mental, physical and spiritual health & growth, accessible for all, allowing for a no-one  turned away philosophy.