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Dream Medicine: Awakening the Snake

There are dreams; then there are medicine dreams.  The kind of dream that reveals deeper insights, and are often  the dreams that linger in the mind for hours, days or weeks.

As my skills of deep listening and observation develop so too, have the ability to discern dreams and pay particular attention to  dreams that demand deeper reflection.

These dreams are Medicine.

As portals for intuition  medicine dreams are a opportunity to expand  subtle wisdom and  integrate the energy through awareness & action,  physically, emotionally and on a soul level. abundant.earth

Medicine dreams may offer direct healing, or powerful  healing initiations,  provide insights for  transformation & transmutation of energy. Often animal spirits  are weaved into our medicine dreams. They speak to us,  while we   dream, when we are most  still and receptive. A time when our energy matches the   refined  subtle energies of the animal world.

One such animal is Snake.

Snake has become a powerful ally in my Dreamtime. When snake entered my life she marked her visit with  an initiation.  I was bitten on my coccyx,  two diamond backed snakes entwined, were present. As  a long-term yoga and meditation student, I interpreted  snakes initiation as an awakening of kundalini shakti.

The word kundalini comes from Sanskrit; which means to coil or spiral. In the yoga scriptures kundalini is depicted as a serpent or snake coiled at the base of the spine or muladhara chakra, sleeping.

Snake had marked  the awakening of inner knowledge,  her purpose to arise myself from sleep.  She is the symbol of the feminine, this energy coming to the surface in my dream; speaking through the powerful form of snake.  Revealing: transformation, healing, awakening, rebirth, creation and fertility. Now, when she calls, I can be sure another layer of awakening will unfold:  she reminds me to be clear in my knowledge,  to remain integral and sincere with spiritual energy and to honour and action personal and collective healing.