abundant.earth, gentle yoga for good health & calmness
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Yoga for Good health & Calmness (formally Yoga for Cancer )


Introducing: Yoga for Good Health & Calmness.  Formally Yoga for Cancer, different name, but still offering  the same yoga. Now available to everybody within the community.

A breath-conscious class, builds life-force & physical strength and focused awareness,  intended to lessen pain, increase well-being and  invoke a deep sense of calmness and tension release. Yoga practiced with a medatative flow and gradual rhythm, offering space for observation. The body postures and breath are respective, which allows for a progressive and balanced practice.  In this way the class is available to anyone.

When yoga  is accessed through developed breath awareness and observation, it   becomes a tool to determine & increase the quality of our well-being.  The breath & mind are intricately linked. When the breath is restricted or disturbed  in some way this in turn influences all other physical, emotional & mental states. Our entire physiology depends upon the breath. As Paramahamsa Harihariananda says “NO BREATHE, NO LIFE”.abundant.earth, gentle yoga for good health & calmness

” The oscillation of the breathing is a perfect mirror of the fluctuations of life.”    Donna Farhi

Yoga for good Health & calmness is practised in a way that serves to free the movement of the breath and tune in to obstacles that restrict it. The intention is to always practice in a way that is  void of stress, discomfort and pain. The class begins with techniques to calm ourselves, connect to the breath and shift the senses inwars. The physical practice is often determined by environmental and seasonal qualities, as we set the foundation to practice  from a place of balance,  calmness, mindfulness, and  breathe consciousness.

If practising in a group is not comfortable, or you feel you would benefit from one on one teaching.  I may be able to accommodate with private sessions in your own home.   Please contact me and we can discuss in confidence, options according to your situation.

Two practice times a week: Tuesdays 9;30 -10-45am St Johns Room, link Way / Thursdays 9.30/10.45am Community Hub