Learning how to let go of yourself; the value of Yoga in everyday life

abundant.earth, the value of yoga in everyday life


The Value of Yoga in  everyday life; is in the ability  to challenge the old ways. Those ways that turn away from life’s abundance instead, pulling energy and consciousness downwards. Accustomed to seeking out dullness, fear and delusion,  masking & swallowing  moments of pain become habit.  Qualities that are a result of  complex  social, environmental & family conditioning.

The old ways stick, held within the body & mind as confusion & judgement.  Which prefers to  react as a way to protect the untrained mind & ego which does not recognise the intelligent universe that is both within – prakriti  & outside – purusha of  the human self.

Yoga is not asana. It is an entire philosophy that serves to liberate – Moksha ,  away from the ways that create bondage through illusion – bandha. The value of  Yoga is in its wholeness, it is – Equanimity;  an opportunity  to be with life as it is,  and not wish for the experience to be something different.

As life brings joy & excitement, twists, turns & challenges, often there is a desire to change the experience to something other than it is, or,  hold on to it. Such reactions are fired by the judgement pendulum of  success or failure.

In judgement there is a  risk  of cementing tension, attachment & superficial thinking to the layers of the body mind complex – koshas.  Which  then play out in life  as outdated, inappropriate & dull states of mind, the need or belief that happiness can be controlled by “things” outside of your SELF, also contribute to stress, tension & dis-ease.

Without awareness or connection to the mysteries of (prakriti – purusha) the whole of life feels as though it is governed by force, effort, reaction & dullness. Riding the swings of success & failure and all the suffering in between.

Yoga when practiced with a gentle awareness will encourage observation of the internal universe & governing life force (Brahman).  Asana  accessed in a composed united & relaxed way opens into a practice  engaged in effortless effort.  Guided by the mysterious depths of Brahman Yoga can  melt  tension, it will  not add to it. It will  build life force –prana  and reveal the wisdom to use it as an instrument of creativity guided by love, as we live this precious life.

Yoga and the limb of Hatha Yoga, are one of many yoga tools for carving out equanimity – to stay in the experience & not move into judgement. Over time with peace & dedication, we learn to get out of our own way,  allowing space for a  fluid response to the challenge of life as the transition between yoga & day-to-day living in twines;  and  life becomes  yoga

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