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Starting Yoga for Good Health & Calmness


I experience Yoga as medicine – when practised with conscious awareness it can promote good health,  reduction in pain, calmness, offer an antidote to anxiety & stress and  is a  vehicle for spiritual unfoldment. – Carmen

Common Questions you might have…..

What kind of Yoga do you teach?

Yoga for Good Health & Calmness is not a particular style of Asana Yoga, rather it embraces a wide spectrum of Yoga’s techniques as a combination of Hatha & Raja Yoga.  It is not Asana (physical postures) focused, equally there is emphasis on other techniques, that help to guide our behaviour and lifestyle and to bring about qualities of peace & stabililty.

Learn more about the other techniques practiced and teaching philosophy


Yoga, in the West, is most often practiced as the physical aspect of Yoga.  All variant styles of physical postures are a development from classical Hatha Yoga which uses body movements ( Asana ).  In the whole system of Yoga, the aspect of Hatha Yoga practice is to prepare and cleanse the bodily system to better receive the higher teachings  of Raja Yoga. Hatha Yoga was created for a spiritual purpose which is often not taught or mentioned; Calming restlessness, to experience stillness.  It is not essential to do postures in order to practice Yoga, infact  Yoga philosophy says:  “doing good to others is the best dharma – to serve others is the real skill or tactic in life” – Paramahamsa Prajnanananda

A yogasana (posture) practised without breath & mind awareness is not a practice of Yoga.

How to enjoy your first class….

Whether you haven’t done yoga before,  new to a Yoga practice with Carmen or have been coming along regularly for a number of years, the class is structured so that every-body can come.   Essentially its about coming together to practice yoga, because we all have a common goal to feel good & enjoy life.

It is not beginners or advanced  Yoga, it is simply that some folk are more practised.  The class will meet you where you are at, determined by;  the willingness & dedication to nurture the depth and openness  of your own being. Age does not hinder a yoga practice,  however as we grow older our practice becomes more refined.  A strong physical practice is best suited for younger students as a tool to balance the natural abundant (rajasic) energy. As we age and particularly from the age of 40 onwards a practice will shift with less need for intense physical posturing and more focus on  breath & sensory refinement. If you are an older student, generally the energy you bring to your practice will differ from somebody younger, this does not in anyway lessen the benefits of a practice when done with right effort.

If you are new to Yoga……..

A good thing to remember is that like anything we try for the first time, can seem strange or difficult. Yet like all things with practice and right effort, we get better at it until it becomes a new normal. It doesn’t matter your ability or how flexible you are, there is no competition or need to compare yourself to others. Practice for your-self, guided by your-self.  Some techniques may be easier than others, and will be challenging particularly in the beginning.  We must meet our practice with the degree of willingness required to build the energy & balance to change our thoughts, habits and desires in an uplifted way.  Unless Yoga is practiced with right effort and resolve to explore who we are, you will fail to fully receive the benefits of a practice. Yoga does require effort, but with this come breakthroughs, greater awareness, stillness and better health overall.

Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing, preferably of natural fiber. Refrain from eating for at least 2 hours prior to the practice. If possible, bring a mat, blanket and pillow/s

Once you’ve started…..

To really experience the radiance of uplifted living  and health from a yoga practice, commit to one or two practice times a week. Then extend the practice into a home practice. Ultimately it is about developing a lifelong commitment to the practice of Yoga for continued mental, physical & spiritual health.

Yoga in the Community

St Johns Room / Tuesday’s  – Gentle Yoga for good health & calmness 9.30-10.45

Community Hub/Thursday’s – Gentle Yoga for good health & calmness 9:30-10.45

How much does it cost?

At the heart of Yoga in the Community for good health & calmness is service.  A modest fee of $12 for casual students and those that are experiencing hardship attend for no cost, no questions asked. A lack of money should not hinder access to the knowledge and practice of Yoga.

Due to the the kindness of  benefactors/student/community hub the venues for Yoga for good health & calmness are mostly funded, supporting fundamental community orgranisations and small wage to the teachers.

Keeping it short

Carmen has been teaching Yoga for 13 years, a student for 20+ years practising since her early 20’s. She will tell you that she has matured in her relationship to Yoga as it weaves into all aspects of her life. She practices what she facilitates , using a variety of techniques from the timeless tradition of Yoga, sharing the wisdom from the great sages of the lineage of Kriya yoga, current & past masters of other lines of Yoga, Vedic & Yogic texts, as well as drawing on her own personal revelations. All useful to assist in raising our energy & consciousness so we may awaken to the sacredness of life.

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If you have any queries please contact Carmen via the contact form or  0223265019