Restore biodiversity to protect our planet.

We combine cutting edge science with satellite, drone, and on-ground data to help companies identify and invest in nature-positive projects.

Three main motivations drive your company's biodiversity strategy

Nature-related risk

As projected climate scenarios become reality, companies are increasingly becoming aware of the impact caused by biodiversity loss in their supply chains.


Increasingly, consumers are demanding that services and products they invest in come from environmentally and socially responsible companies.

Regulation & Frameworks

Pushed by a mix of European law, consumer-demand, and corporate sustainability initiatives; companies must be prepared for CSRD and SFDR.

Start your action plan by investing in nature

Land restoration and regeneration

Using our platform, assess your land to understand its ecological potential. After the assessment, follow your project's progress with continuous monitoring.

High-quality, local nature projects

Augment your biodiversity contribution strategy by investing in high-quality projects local to your company's operations. Assess positive impact on your operations and track project KPIs over time.

Our technology helps you maximize your positive impact on nature

We collect biodiversity metrics using AI-powered satellite, drone, and on-ground sources.

Using this data, we help you understand the ecological importance of the land you invest in through preliminary assessment and continuous monitoring.

We help you understand how your investment is working for nature.

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Our mission

Our mission is to bring trust and transparency to nature investments in order to protect, sustain, and improve natural ecosystems, for all who depend on them, by providing data-driven ecological monitoring and enrichment services.

Data is the foundation upon which sustainable markets are built. To close the biodiversity financing gap of around $700 billion per year, we strongly believe that collecting biodiversity data at scale is crucial.

Elena Bunel

Co-founder & COO

Luc Bettaieb

Co-founder & CTO

Martin de Stoppani

Co-founder & CEO

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