abundant.earth,healer heal thy self
ayurveda/self care

Healer, heal thyself – it’s time for Dandelions and a Ayurvedic cleanse

As the earth unfolds from winter, it brings a vibrant push of fresh energy.  An incredible alchemy of vibrating life, pulsates through the arteries & veins of our abundant earth manifesting new life & growth.

The wise ones’ know this is the time to still & cleanse.  With subtle & refined mastery they observe the mystery of our great mother;  the unfurling of a  new leaf, the melt of snow quenching the land, finding gaps where seeds lie, the marriage of sun earth & water ignite the divine spark.

Our beloved mother whispers on the spring wind, reminding us;  we are  natural, living, energetic beings of the earth, we too drink in the magical energy. That it is time to shed the watery, earthly excess of  winter  as it lingers in the body & bones.

Our allies are found in plants and silence. Walk barefoot in the garden, what heals you there?  What  have you imprinted in the earth, that in return the earth provides for deep nourishment. Observe & trust which plants the earth has uniquely gifted.

abundant.earth, healer heal thy self

On a fine spring day, look for  Dandelion on proud display. The healing potential of  this strong & willful plant  an  Allie for  resilience. Against all odds, dandelion resplendent continues to fight its way through lawn and spray.  How we have forgotten the wisdom & power of Dandelion to heal.

Our earthly bodies,  eagerly anticipate  equanimity   between  the  outer & the inner world. Balance found in commune with the plants, with nature,  where  magic lives.

Honour the seasons – you honour yourself.  Honour the seasons and connect with the primal life force,   reminding us why we are here.