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Holy COW batman; the truth about our milk & stories about cows

abundant.earth, milkI like cows.  I love the element within hindi culture that esteems a cow as a symbol of the goddess and divine bounty of the earth. Ayurveda reveres milk and its by products for building tissues and a source of oja’s ( immunity & calming qualities).  The cow pat, makes nutritious fertiliser, fuel & insulation,  used for transportation and tilling  the fields. A cow is honoured, it is respected as an animal that has consciousness,  not treated as a disposable,  genetically manipulated commodity. (And no this is not green washing)

Peter Proctor,  NZ’s father of biodynamics once told Tim,  that cow horns are the receivers of cosmic energy. The horns  are linked to the sinus,  when a cow digests food it integrates the energy from the horns through the sinus to the central part of the cows digestion, perhaps this is why a cow always looks stoned while chewing its cud. Check out the trailer for his awesome doco here one man, one cow, one planet.

My daughter and I romanced  the idea of having a house cow to our Grand-Ma one day.  She proceeded to fuss and complain, perhaps justified, over the maladies of milking a cow as she did nearly everyday from an early age well into her teens.   However there was just no pleasing Grand-ma, as she continued to fuss and complain, 50 years on, that the milk just doesn’t taste like it used to.abundant.earth, milk

The humble house cow no more. Milk is now a, “by product” of globalism. Holistically Milk is an alive food. It is  easily impressed on by its environment. With this in mind the, machinery, miles, chemicals, manufacturing & over processing  that Cows and their milk are exposed to severly degrades the quality. Which is why  most dairy products found in supermarkets  are toxic, heavy and difficult to digest.

Then there is the question of  its source?  How healthy are the cows? Are they farmed not just organically, but biodynamically,  with plenty of space to roam and graze, horns in tact,  healthy chemical free soils and grass with emphasis on milk quality rather than quantity?

Milk, yogurt, soft cheeses, butter & ghee are highly nutritious, but only when  the source comes  from chilled out cows  fresh and unprocessed. Freshly made yogurt provides countless numbers of good bacteria for digestion and  will kill many  a “virius”. However if prepared and eaten in the wrong way will clog the channels in the body and create toxins.   Milk can offer wonderful sustenance for depletion, but it needs to be prepared properly, for most people it should be taken  warm with spices, and again it must be fresh, if you are drinking milk bottled by the large companies, cold, straight from the fridge, it  won’t  have any nutrition and likely  create imbalance.

Using dairy with lashings of humility and respect for the cows,  offers wonderful medicine.   Unfortunately the industry of the cow, means that over processing & manufacturing makes it more like a poison.