abundant.earth, no miricle cure
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There is no Magical Cure- outside of your OWN SELF

  Motivation for change are all equally valid & individual. For some  of us  change is suddenly forced, due to a potentially life threatening diagnosis,   for others a call to change is motivated by boredom, bad habits & relationships, stress,  figuring out life purpose, spirituality or simply the awareness to implement disease prevention.

Change should never be prayed on but that is exactly what the health industry does.

Given that when we are called to change, for what ever reason, it can shake the core of our existence.   Add the reality that we live in a  complex world that exploits vulnerability and then overwhelms us with  conflicting information on health & well-being,  it can feel like we  are  faced with the almost impossible task of making a well- informed decision that best serves our unique needs.

abundant.earth, no magical cure

That “magical cure”  or “panacea” that the  health Industry thrives on, including the multi billion dollar “natural health industry,”  operates on the paradigm that wisdom & knowledge are found on the outside.  It relies on the never ending quest to fix ourselves. This paradigm depends on just 2  fundamental untruths. The first being that;  we believe “falsely”  that we need to be fixed in the first place. The second is that; our ability to heal is found outside of our own self. 

What does this mean? It means that each of us need to have the courage to get involved in our own healing. Turn off the radio & T.V, block, ad’s on the internet make time for silence and tune in to your inner sounds. This is how you begin to find your own healing source.

The truth is; you will never find that which you seek, outside of yourself; all you ever need is within you. Ultimately; it is you, your GURU,  that knows what fuels your soul, nourishes your body, & calms your mind.

Your own energy is your best medicine.

It is true that there are wonderful;  Earth, Water, Animal, Human & Other World, allies among us, whose purpose it is to assist healing, but the key action here is assist. They will never be responsible for  change or cure without your absolute participation. For any healing ally to assist us, we need to, fully participate in our own healing. 

If we continue to believe that; we are a patient, then we will always need to be fixed. If we; willingly hand our responsibility to help ourselves, over to someone or thing in the belief that we will  be cured, (for many reasons beyond the scope of this article)  it will never be long term, nor sustainable. To fully participate in our healing and become responsible are the two fundamentals which can often determine life from death in those faced with a life threating dis-ease.

If a “specialist” Guru, Doctor, Yoga, Meditation or Spiritual teacher, Religious figure, Shaman, Naturopath, Therapist, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, or the lucrative Magical Marijuana market,  suggests that they can help you, but doesn’t acknowledge your need to participate in your healing, my advice would be to seek a second opinion until you find one that does.

How do we participate in our own healing?abundant.earth, there is no magical cure

At the very core of  how  we tend to ourselves in ways which participate and are  self responsible,  is our ability to tell the truth about ourselves.  How we tell the truth is far more complicated than it sounds. For the majority of us,  the truth can be hidden under complex & messy habits, often as a direct consequence impressed  by the world around. Mental, emotional, physical & spiritual, conscious & unconscious. 85% of the time these habits and  our truth around them is the cause for symptoms of dis-ease or uneasiness in our lives.

The issue for those that reach for a bottle of wine every night after work, is not the wine itself, (though i am sure if most people cared how there  wine was made,   they would gasp in horror)  It is the reason behind why there is a need, to open a bottle of wine every night.  Self healing begins when we honestly inquire into our life and how we are living it.

A good indication when we have  integrated personal responsibility & participation for our healing is beginning to notice habits that in the past, have not supported good health,  begin, to just fall away. The key is to work, honestly, fearlessly, steadily & simply, when introducing change.

If you have tried to implement change, and nothing has worked so far, then  begin to tell yourself the truth.