ayurveda/self care,  meditation/sprituality,  purposeful living

Whatever it is that you do, are you better than what you were yesterday?

Taking care of ourselves. happiness & health, all to often misunderstood in a world that uses material wealth as indicators.  We have forgotten that our real treasure is our mental, physical, emotional & spiritual wealth.  We battle on, stuffing our lives with bus-i-ness,  strange attachments to sparkly things,  ownership of the lands, nature, people: a mistake of the intellect which creates bondage rather than, honouring their true purpose freedom.

Our real work is to liberate ourselves.

Within ourselves is where we find our real home,  there is more value investing in ourselves, yet, we  continue to place more importance investing in the property ladder, with the delusion that our liberation can be found in the structure and interior of a house. And while the house may get grander and we can change the interior at will, the real question is – has any of this changed our  behaviour?  Is the depression, addiction, negativity, anger, dis-ease, still within you?

It is not that seeking financial stability is a bad thing, it is  whats required at this point in our evolution,  as is shelter for our bodies, both  integral to our ever-expanding, changing, transitioning and growing selves,   natural processes of our design.  However,  the problem  is that most folk are stuck looking at the world,  absorbed in the objects of creation,  attitudes of I-ness, with a severed connection to the treasures that are  behind all of  this magical creation.

For what purpose: do you earn a lot of money?  To cut the fabric of doubt and confusion, to cultivate relationships with presence, tolerance, our bodies, with wisdom, to be of service?   We are all busy earning money, but ultimately everything we have worked for,  is taken away, our lives are short.

Whatever it is that you do, are you better than what you were yesterday?  Better,  not in the delusion governed by beauty, money, eating & drinking, material culture, better because you have changed habits, and you  feel more peace. If we don’t feel peace, then we don’t truly know who we are or why we do what we do.

Ultimately what counts is how well we navigate the flow of life, if all our busi-ness in this modern civilisation is bringing plenty of material wealth,  but not growing us in ways that bring health,  connection to the food we eat & nature,  peace, compassion, less attachment,  the will to serve others & the ability to work in unity,  then time in this body has been wasted.