Whatever it is that you do, are you better than what you were yesterday?


Taking care of ourselves. happiness & health, all to often misunderstood in a world that uses material wealth as indicators.  We have forgotten that our real treasure is our mental, physical, emotional & spiritual wealth.  We battle on, stuffing our lives with bus-i-ness,  strange attachments to sparkly things,  ownership of the lands, nature, people: a […]

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There is no Magical Cure- outside of your OWN SELF

abundant.earth, no miricle cure

  Motivation for change are all equally valid & individual. For some  of us  change is suddenly forced, due to a potentially life threatening diagnosis,   for others a call to change is motivated by boredom, bad habits & relationships, stress,  figuring out life purpose, spirituality or simply the awareness to implement disease prevention. Change should […]

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Yoga for Good health & Calmness (formally Yoga for Cancer )

abundant.earth, gentle yoga for good health & calmness

  Introducing: Yoga for Good Health & Calmness.  Formally Yoga for Cancer, different name, but still offering  the same yoga. Now available to everybody within the community. A breath-conscious class, builds life-force & physical strength and focused awareness,  intended to lessen pain, increase well-being and  invoke a deep sense of calmness and tension release. Yoga […]

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