Living the wisdom of the Tao – The rainmaker, a taoist proverb


Friends, when grace falls and maya takes hold,  call wisdom. Free all thoughts from stress and pressure, then aim.  Aim for everything that gives life to life. Use  words and thoughts wisely, tools to invoke  presence and peace rather than shame and blame. Create space, call wisdom, put things in order. As they should be […]

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Seeking peace? Become a peacemaker

Friends; if you want peace ~ in the world, in your community, in your home – become the peacemaker. Peace is the quality of higher consciousness, higher living and higher civilisation.  The antidote to war, anger, anxiety, worry, & fear.  Peace is not limited, it is for all,  as a natural state of being inherent […]

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Simple living – the key to supreme happiness

“Simple Living – does not mean poverty or poverty consciousness. There are destitute people whose lives are miserable: whose lives are miserable; this is not the ideal of simple living. Simplicity  means to be free of desires and attachments and to be supremely happy within.” Paramahamsa Yogananda Simple living is not living like a hermit […]

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