Empowering social change with a Non-Vote: liberation from a corrupt & unhealthy political system

abundant.earth, ayurveda

i am no longer  well-adjusted to living in a country that,  supports a political system which,  puts  economics before wisdom, economics before health,  economics before environment & ecosystems , economics before people,  economics before….. everything! For this reason, as our general elections loom, i have made the conscious choice to not vote. This year,  i […]

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Tree lore- a humble teaching from the ancient spirit guardian of Ti Kauka the cabbage tree

Ti Kauka - the cabbage treee

Teachers come when the student is ready. Ti Kauka, the NZ Cabbage Tree, called to me today on a path that I walk often. These trees I have passed many times,  standing tall in their place,  custodians of the land.  However, on this day in a moment of unexpected grace,  this beautiful tree  revealed herself […]

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Fat-hen saag

My vege garden is a living classroom, as I awaken to the energetics of food, I have become increasingly curious and creative about what is growing in the garden especially with plants which I may be conditioned to believing had no nutritional or energetic value. Most recently fat-hen has entered into our lives, I understand […]

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