Restore biodiversity to protect our planet

We combine cutting-edge science and tech with remote sensing and on-ground data to help companies identify and invest in nature-positive projects.

Identifying a site for ecological restoration is hard.

It's expensive.

Finding land for ecological compensation, as required by Séquence ERC, is currently a highly manual task.

As a result, the associated costs are quite high - both in terms of money spent and time lost.

It takes time.

Finding land is a long and tedious process.

The process relies heavily on the work of ecological assessment consultancies, who are often overloaded with work, adding to the time needed for local governmental offices to validate applications.

The regulation is complex.

France's environmental code imposes increasingly stringent requirements on ecological compensation.

With requirements varying by location, traditional approaches to identifying such sites are no longer adapted to the heterogeneity of regulatory constraints -- leading to subjectivity in the process.

Streamline your compensatory land identification and tracking process

Identify land for ecological compensation

Use our platform to find land with high restoration potential, to help your company comply with compensatory ecological regulation.

Track its positive impact over time

Understand the positive ecological engineering actions that make restoration work possible. Track key project parameters over time, both to ensure compliance and understand if course correction is necessary.

Our technology helps you maximize your positive impact on nature

We collect biodiversity data based on satellite sources and on-ground data that feed into AI models, powering our technology.

Using our technology, we can then monitor biodiversity parameters that tell us about the quality of an ecosystem and its potential for restoration. We then track these parameters over time to ensure work goes according to plan.

Our methodology is based on science and has been developed in consultation with our scientific advisory board. We bring trust and transparency to nature investments.

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Our mission

Our mission is to bring trust and transparency to nature investments in order to protect, sustain and enhance natural ecosystems, for all those who depend on them, by providing data-driven ecological monitoring and enrichment services.

To close the biodiversity financing gap of around $700 billion a year, we believe that large-scale biodiversity data collection is crucial.

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Co-founder & CTO

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Co-founder & CEO

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