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Reclaim Silence – Reclaim Yourself

Those whom seek silence know to tame the senses. Those whose senses are tamed do not pollute the world.

There are many untamed in the world,  thus the world  has much pollution,  but non so much as –  noise!


abundant.earth, same side of the same storyWe  meet the demands of our external world bombarded by noise. Ignorant to the silence  which our soul seeks. Instead meeting the gaps where peace prevails with nonsense news, permitting the media to influence us anyway they like.

Reclaim silence, reclaim yourself.

Live in peace. This is where we find the questions & answers to that which we seek,  neither will be found so  long as we permit our senses to be polluted by  radio, television, or facebook and  consider them  worthy guides.

Become your own hero,  become your own celebrity, not one to follow. Like your own ideas. Sing your song.

Inspiration  is found in silence.

Discover yourself in a world without noise, beating hearts, be not afraid of the mystery. Go to the desert, go to the mountains, go to the forest,  listen.

What is it that you hear divine soul?