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Cancer the dis-ease of a chemical & consumer culture

Cancer –  ravishing our people, our animals, our land.  Casualties of a culture  disconnected  from  our abundant earth. An undeniable consequence of  chemical lifestyles & exposure.

The 3 big C’s; cancer, chemical’s & consumerism  spinning a thick toxic web. How did humanity become so ludicrous?  Enabling monsanto to fight for the right to take the peoples land,  design crops, seeds & weed-killers  laced with chemicals that are known carcinogens,  and  more to the point  the absurd consciousness whereby people continue to support these types of corporations, to still use round up, knowing they are exposing themselves and others to a high risk of Cancer?

As someone who is not adjusted to a,  chemical consumer culture  it feels like  a collective form of insanity. Much like treating cancer a known chemical disease with chemicals & radiation, or putting arsenic, chlorine & fluoride in drinking water.

In New Zealand our  pastures are fertilised with cadmium which has contaminated large areas of New Zealand’s best agricultural land,  resulting in the inability to grow food fit for human consumption. Our rivers, lakes & waterways are shockingly contaminated from industrialised chemical agriculture.

Science experts  agree;  cancer is the leading cause of death world-wide, however they are divided by the  determined cause;  lifestyle or  environment?   I am no scientist, but it seems petty and illogical to debate  such trivialities,  when all life is intertwined.  Perhaps  science could be put to better use, figuring out how to undo all the damage done.

How much control do we have around choices that lead us away from what seems like a direct act of chemical warfare?  We may make a conscious choice to  not eat  Mc donalds,  smoke tobacco or drink cheap wine, but we can’t avoid exposure to chemicals such as  Benzene  which occurs mostly through inhalation, via petroleum based products, petrol fumes,  passive smoking and  most alarmingly found  in high levels, in indoor residential environments, such as homes, commercial buildings & cars.

Complacency is no longer a luxury, for those of us that value our quality of life. It is crazy  to think  how many job’s,  sweet new car purchases  or  homes are costing lives.  This insanity calls for  radical rethink of how, what & why we consume, every choice we make could be  the difference between life & death.