Why I won’t ever own a yoga studio

abundant.earth, yoga with carmen

Awhile back a friend and I explored the idea of creating a yoga studio in the Upper Clutha Community, previous studios and teachers had come and gone and at this time there wasn’t one. We took about two months to dive into the nuts and bolts of what it would take to create and support […]

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The role of yoga in cancer

2015-10-20 23:02:50 Yoga teaches us how to  cultivate awareness and observation in the  direction towards our own path to cikitsa, a sanskrit word meaning ‘to act or oppose disease’. It awakens  a personal liberation which shows us how to make our body a temple. Understanding the beneficial role of yoga as a tool to oppose […]

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Cancer & how yoga can help alleviate stress & symptoms

yoga with carmen. yoga for cancer

Yoga for cancer Tuesdays/ St Johns Rm / Wanaka/ $12 casual/ $10 block These sessions are for  anyone affected, one form or another by cancer, including caregivers/support people & family. My Grand Mother,  died last year, she had cancer. My dad was  diagnosed with late stage 4, non- hodgkins lymphoma he died On May the […]

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Nature + Self Care are cheaper than therapy – no doctor required

shavasana in nature

Dinacharya –  (Sanskrit: दिनचर्या “daily-routine”)   Unique to the Ayurvedic Science of health & living,  Dinacharya  also known as Ayurveda Self Care,  taps into the essence of natures rhythms, with the knowledge that when we honour & live according to daily cycles, we connect into the vibrant, abundant, cosmic energy,  which in turn will awaken […]

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