purposeful living

It is not money that keeps us alive – it is breath.

We of pioneering descent, whose ancestors came to this land  & others from countries afar must find ourselves.

Our greetings to each other are barren.  ‘I am Carmen’. What does that say about me?    How are we able to find unity in our diversity, respect  each other as equal when we meet for the first time,  if we hold back and keep ourselves enclosed in our ego personality –  represented by the use of ‘I’.

How do we remind ourselves and each other  that we are all bothers & sisters made from water, wood, stone, earth & air.  The very elements exploited by the many that have forgotten them-selves, entrenched in the sickness of ‘I-ness’.


abundant.earth, purposeful living

We stand together on this earth as Women & Men – Human Beings of,  body, mind & soul. Nurtured by the mountains & rivers, the trees & earth –  which without all life will cease.

Lets teach ourselves, teach our children  to once  again  remember how to honour –  those from which we come.  Our Mothers & Fathers, there Mothers & Fathers and so on and so forth.  To question what it is  from which we are made and sustains life.

It is not money, that keeps us alive –  it is breath.  It is not a supermarket  that gives us energy – it is that which is grown from the earth.  It is  chemicals which keeps our bodys clean – it is pure water that flows from the earth.

Who am I? Who are you?

A Woman whom stands together with you, in body, mind & soul.  Nurtured physically & spiritually by the Ancestors, Gurus & Masters,  that stand with us.  From the land of Hawea  the  river & lake Hawea that flows ceaselessly, the Mountain named Maude that stands over our land in shelter & protection. This land that generously gives life to this body.

May we stand together in unity, tolerant of our diversity, in peace & respect of  the earth, which sustains all life.