material consciousness,
purposeful living

Free yourself; from Material Consciousness


Breathe deeply dears. The world is  changing –  we are  changing.

We are  of age. Some call it the Bronze age, others call it the Age of Aquarius, Yoga philosophy knows it as Dwapara Yuga.   Great thinkers  such as Paramhamsa Yogananda   & Nikola Tesla igniting the transition, their remarkable work is now more relevant than ever.  Technology like the block chain,  leading us  into the new age of energy consciousness.

Tesla said:  “if you want to learn the secrets of the universe think in terms of frequency, energy & vibration”.

Aware or not, we now think differently. None exempt from the paradigm shift – out of material consciousness –  into the age of energy.

The old ways no longer hold us hostage. The collective primitive mind, reflected as  the dark times of material consciousness. Expressed in our world, as acts of violence,  the need to control, own, consume,  greed, misogyny, lust and stifled creativity. As we evolve these lower energies are dissolving into the realms of higher consciousness.

The dictators are falling. The self-imposed monarchs & oligarchs   and the institutions that harboured their secrets of insanity,  no longer able to hold our sovereign living selves in bondage,  or enforce & dictate rules that have been intended to manipulate social

The dark times have seen great suffering. Enslavement, poverty, cancer, depression, division.  Fathers, Mothers, Sons & Daughters, our  Great ancestors, manipulated to fight, to kill other human beings all under the fold of various institutions that nurtured the dark, shadows of existence.  Heart wrenching consequences of living within the entanglement of material consciousness.

Fear no longer,  we can  be sure, that all is better than it seems. The chaos we are experiencing is the beating down  of the old ways. There is still much residual conflict to resolve as we  liberate from our past & transition into our higher minds.

The wise ones will lead again; guiding each of us to rise up and meet our energetic selves.  A leader will be recognised as one whom enables humanity  to  be in right relationship with we & me & all the world around.

A true leader  will show us how to heal ourselves, will seek the health of the people first and always.  Will never preach separation or divide nations, nor instill fear into the people. None shall fall victim to delusions that health & happiness is found from ownership and outside of ourselves.

Collective consciousness is expanding. What a truly miraculous time to be Human.