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Karma Yoga

How often do we yield a difficult situation or person over to the karma gods?  With the belief  that the law of cause & effect will eventually catch up over  some kind of  selfish or inappropriate wrong-doing.

We can be sure that karma will have its way,  except that in our non-action we too have also affected our own karma, thus any attempt to avoid the natural law of cause & effect, is in fact impossible.

Karma is action, it is the ~ law of consequence~ weaved into all activity of body & mind thus karma is inevitable,  because we all must actively work in various ways, to sustain ourselves & others, while in this body.   Karma is not –  non action, it is  right action composed  of non-resistance, intangible to the senses, intangible to the mind, yet by its very nature as ~  the law of consequence, a path to liberation.

It demands that we can never blame anyone else for what happens to us, requires full responsibility and leaves no room for hypocrisy.  It can be brutal, relentless, unfair, traumatic, which makes it so difficult to comprehend. Understandably so, particularly if we are kindhearted, live a righteous life or  view life as 3 dimensional – void of spirit & soul, life identified as purely physical & mental.

Karma can chuck rotten eggs often, but this is entirely the point, it’s very existence is to show us the way to peace and accordingly this happens when we no longer have the desire for reward.  We come to experience our work on this earth as work for work’s sake, just as  karma is action for action’s sake, not for any motive other than to exist for its own self. A difficult concept when our minds are conditioned to the ideal that work is validated with some kind of reward, monetary or spiritually.

Swami Sivananda says “Man generally plans to get the fruits of his work before he starts any kind of work.  The mind is so framed that it cannot think of any kind of work without remuneration or reward.  A selfish man cannot do any service.  He will weigh the work and the money in a balance.  Selfless service is unknown to him.”

When we realise that all our actions, our talents, our skills, knowledge, work,  which we do in our lives are ultimately not for the purpose to accrue  materialism or bring something else into our lives, but are in fact the path to our purpose,  which is to bring balance physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, we start to master karma.

Swami Krishnanada from the divine life society says: to know karma is – “When we realise that we belong to the whole world,  it is not outside us, that we are interconnected vital living organisms, forming  part of a logical principal of which we know very little about”.  Another way to look at it,  is to participate in the world, not as something to look at, to conquer or exploit, it requires our wholehearted, spirited & humble participation.  Action from this awareness will develop the skills and wisdom to master karma.

In other words when we come to experience the cosmic law of  Karma, as the work required to fullfil our life on earth  with  right action & attitude in the spirit of being a part of something much greater that most of us realise. The law of consequences will see that everything is already taken care of. As we forgo our rights for duty, there is no need to continually force ourselves in ways that we do now, stuffing our lives with desire, because desire will cease, our purpose found in the action of our work.