Ti Kauka - the cabbage treee
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Tree lore- a humble teaching from the ancient spirit guardian of Ti Kauka the cabbage tree

DSC_1761_lznTeachers come when the student is ready, they also come in unexpected forms.

Ti Kauka, the NZ Cabbage Tree, called to me today on a path that I walk often. These trees I have passed many times,  standing tall in their place,  custodians of the land.  However, on this day in a moment of unexpected grace,  this beautiful tree  revealed herself as an ancient gatekeeper  of sacred  wisdom.

The Kaitiaki–   spirit guardian of the cabbage tree, entered into my life.  Her  energy soft and gentle.    A reprieve from the restless and tempest energies that have dominated much of my life journey and often plays  out  in the mountains I call home.

The winds I have endured   in this life,  are stories  aligned with the repressed feminine.  Many times,  I have dropped off the planet,  as I buffer  the restless  and controlling nature of society and cocoon myself in retreat at home.  When I learn that Ti Kauka is the essence of our ancient Women ancestors, I am a ready student.  Eagerly  embracing the  Kaitiaka  wisdom of Ti Kauka.  Understanding that  my journey is an extension of the larger collective.   Through my healing, I heal the whole. Ti Kauka is calling me home, to find my strength and courage,  so I may  live with conviction and integrity within a challenging world.

Ti Kauka
Ti Kauka on the shores of Lake Hawea

As I  seek to unravel the ancient tree’s message,  I’m directed to the Waitaha wisdom of   Barry Brailsford – Wisdom of the four winds   He shares the following;

“An ancient tree that is for the feminine, the love that heals. Are you ready to receive,  Ti  Kauka’s blessing? In times of  strong winds Ti kauka becomes one with the  wind accepting its overwhelming energy but does not yield to it. It is open, unresisting, yet free. This is the path of gentleness, founded on strength and courage to let go, it’s time to walk beyond the need to control. Ti Kauka opens the way to many realms, to see the wider world.” – Barry Brailsford

I feel that Ti Kauka is showing me, her essence is once again upon our land and with our Women. Riding the waves she has been at one with  the overwhelming energy of the last 500 years until now.  As we awaken,  Ti Kauka  shows us that with courage we can again  live peacefully and gently upon the earth. abundant.earth

Words cannot express the humility I have for the Kaitiaki of Ti Kauka, offering her gift of blessing and  to the ancestors, who have walked before,  sharing  sacred knowledge in these times of   re-awakening.