Sourdough – A Simple, Organic Homemade Recipe

bread2 When I found this sourdough recipe while browsing the clever homegrown kitchen blog, I felt like I had won lotto. Food  is our wealth,  a lot of time and love is spent in our kitchen, making our own bread was a natural evolution in our desire to be  self-sufficient.

What I love about this recipe is the wonderful energy available from little time expended. My tip for successful sourdough,  is to put plenty of energy and love into the starter.

 As a bonus we now  save around $40 a month, our family eats organic so a large chunk of our income is spent on food.  Our local organic sourdough baked by the on to it duo at the Peoples Bread, is out of this world and worth every dollar spent,  however it chewed up our food budget.

Sourdough recipes are easy to make and we have been baking every day for about 4 months. Making sourdough has become a simple time efficient routine. I make the bread at lunchtime, it takes 5 minutes. Rising time is accounted for over the afternoon. The dough is ready to bake in the evening, pop it in the oven after dinner is cooked.

breadOur 14 month old has been raised on homemade sourdough, both the older children love it, my daughter whom has digestive issues with commercial bread and yeast can eat this bread with no issues at all.

Dr Ajit my first ayurveda teacher, believes that the increase of intolerance to wheat,  result from the combination of refined wheat and yeasts used in commercial breads,  grown with chemicals and made in industrialised kitchens and GMO. Presently New Zealand and Australia have sub standard food labeling where country of origin isn’t required for any ingredient.

It is empowering to offer bread that I  make  with my own hands, I know that its my energy that I have put into the bread, in my kitchen, with love, its made daily so it has great energetic  vitality,  it doesn’t sit in a plastic bag on a supermarket shelf, has no preservatives, GMO, sugar added, with the added bonus  of  a no plastic packaging headache.