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Nature + Self Care are cheaper than therapy – no doctor required

Dinacharya –  (Sanskrit: दिनचर्या “daily-routine”)

  Unique to the Ayurvedic Science of health & living,  Dinacharya  also known as Ayurveda Self Care,  taps into the essence of natures rhythms, with the knowledge that when we honour & live according to daily cycles, we connect into the vibrant, abundant, cosmic energy,  which in turn will awaken moment to moment living.ayurveda+nature,

I fell in love with Ayurveda because of  the gem that is Dinacharya, it  just made sense.   Finally,  here was some practical wisdom that enabled me to be responsible for my own health & my family. It simply resonated as truth,  in a world that has us believe that our health depends on something outside of our self, I now realise that.  With clear intention, the application of  Ayurvedic Self care wisdom, opened up a new world for me,  enabled right relationship with mind & body, plants & animals, natural ecosystems, spiritual practice, family, work, community and circadian rhythm.     – Carmen

Self Care when practised with joy & gratitude is not something to do, it becomes a way to be.

At the heart of every Ayurveda journey is Dinacharya and the  art of self care.  Starting slowly & simply,  the success of our self care is assured if we ease into it.    As we begin to  reconnect daily routines  with nature our biorhythms reset. Restoring health: beginning with  our senses, our vision, smell, taste will clear, this in turn  develops our ability to assess which nourishment we need for each day. Daily  routines of Self care,  infuse and refine habits that uplift, while undoing those habits that don’t.

As we journey Ayurveda, dinacharya deepens our discernment around food & taste, energetics & relationships and those experiences that move us away from our self. Our bodies naturally align with practices that aid in the removal of toxins and strengthen our senses. With application of daily routines.  we may experience the world from a place of  stability and steadiness.

Self care is not about restriction or dieting, lack or denial, however if we are truthful with our Self Care our body & mind may un lodge deep seated toxins. It won’t always be met with ease or grace, this isn’t the time to stop, remain firm in the ability to change. This resistance is when  we make new pathways for change, we are cultivating discipline, for many of us a new skill,  burning through that which no longer serves us. self care

 With time we find our  own  unique way,  supporting our alignment with natural  and cosmic law. Dinacharya is a gateway to the divine and sacred that is in us all. As we align with the changing qualities of every day, the pulse of each season, and the nuances of our environment, it is certain that  dependancy on healing outside of ourself will lessen.

I offer a range of workshops on Ayurvedic Self Care. If this resonates with you please get in touch.

Who would benefit from the workshops?

  • Self care for Yoga students –   A wonderful ally  for any yoga student, offering insights into how to work with  the daily cycles, seasons of change & enviornmental influences  to bring  more balance & enrich your practice.
  • Introduction to Ayurvedic Self care  & the wisdom of Dinacharya – Anybody interested/committed to Self Care & long term sustainable health
  • Pregnancy Self Care-  Wisdom shared on how to care &  honour yourself in a  sacred way during the journey of conception, pregnancy & birth.
  • Get a group together & I will come to you!
    My intention with offering the self care workshops is to support as many people as possible out of fear and into self responsible health. I feel that smaller groups in comfortable settings such as homes, nature, garden or studio spaces are an ideal space to offer & honour the  beautiful gift that is Ayurvedic Self care.

I have developed these Self Care workshop’s as  an  easy, practical, informative and fun immersion to Ayurveda. Please get in touch & we we can discuss your unique intention.  All workshops are donation based.

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