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Heart to Heart – Why i teach yoga

Yoga with Carmen

Often it is said that to teach Yoga or Meditation we must first have mastered it.  To be honest,  i have mastered neither. Nor do i  consider myself a teacher, or leader, both do not  come naturally for me. However it is also said that we must transition from student to teacher at some point in our life, in whatever form that may take.

Alongside what seems to be a rather unconventional fit for a Yoga teacher,  the truth is:  i am  uncomfortable with the Westernised popularity of  Yoga. You won’t find me teaching in a commercial, for profit, privately owned Yoga studio, wearing lululemon, or  supporting brands at a  Wanderlust festival.

I find this side of Yoga awkward.  While there is the argument that any Yoga is good Yoga, it is questionable in the the ways it has been dissected and parts exploited, usurped by the material mind of the west. Rather than being taught as the whole system of Yoga. Which as a  science and practice shows us the path to liberation and it’s multitude of layers and then to live in the light of that awareness. Essentially to master how to  live in balance between the material and spiritual

It teaches us that we have a body, we must look after it. But not so much that it creates a multi billion dollar globalist Industry, fueling the debt based financial system.  Which suggests that the saturation of Yoga in the West is teetering dangerously into the abyss of maya materialism that feeds from  sense slavery, and is not balanced in the way it is penetrating into our culture.

Yet: i am not entirely cynical,  as i do believe that Yoga is integral to supporting   dynamic shifts in consciousness  as we move into a new era of humanity.

As we  currently experience the chaos and confusion while the old systems, structures of power and control break down, yoga can help us navigate these times, but only if it is applied as a whole  and according to its liberation teachings.

If yoga continues to be offered using the same structures that are tiered to the old ways, that ironically create the suffering that people are seeking to overcome, it is not Yoga. It is bandha (bondage)

I am not a Guru. i don’t teach yoga as a career or to make profit ,  teaching has not come from a place of awakening and  a want to tell people how to achieve it, or that i can hold a beautiful pose and need to share it,  nor  do i have natural charm.

Rather the opposite, it is rooted in the action of overcoming the harsh judgements, illusions and stories that i on a personal and we at a collective create,  that keep us in ignorance. I am still  a student that  has much to learn, but also have learnt much and so i teach:    Yoga in its wholeness, i do not stray from the spirit, nor the material.   The ways in which  i commit to  practice and teach, reflect how thy-self lives the  expanded experience of  the liberation teachings of Yoga.  Beliefs unravel, who am I, reactionary thoughts, mundaneness, negativity  and so on that mask the divinity within.

 We are all just walking each other home, teaching is one  of many ways to experience this. -ram dass


After  20 plus years as a student firstly with Yoga then Meditation, i   have come to realise,  that i have matured in my relationship with  both.  i practice yoga not as a fixed or rigid thing that I have to do a certain way all the time –  but to transcend the illusion that life is that. Somehow despite my choice  to  not  conform to the commodification and materialism of Yoga  or that each year the number of new  teachers now offering  yoga and yoga hybrids is overwhelming in my small community.   That i don’t  promote  a  particular  trend or style of yoga,    there is  space for classical Yoga, the whole practice of yoga ( as per my own sense of awareness)  in the community as a Yoga teacher.

And now when i teach, i offer that which i have learned through my own personal practice and  from my teachers: To Practice for your-self, from a place of internalisation. Grow roots deep, find your own way – out of fixating how your practice should be.  Question resistance or adversion to know and acknowledge the spirit, this is a practice also.

I offer yoga –  as the voice that  returns  you back into the  present internal experience and awareness.  Which is an entirely different experience to practising yoga for its physical benefits.   i am the voice that reminds you to move away from limiting stories and judgements that creep into a practice. Stories we tell ourselves about what our body can or can’t do or what we need to fix that can add tension to our practice.  The stories that keep us in duality, willing the body one way – but the reality is something different.

In a yoga for good health and calmness practice, i teach what i have experienced which is –   the body & breath is a vessel for  spiritual inquiry, the gateway to something much deeper and that yoga is a great deal more than just Asana. 

This is  why i teach yoga.