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Steady as you go – ‘yogas chitta vritta nirodha’

“Remember you were not made for the all the worries that burden you; they were made by you”  – Swami Kriyananda

‘Yogas chitta, vritta, nirodha’, Sutra 1:2, (Yoga is the neutralisation of the vortices of feeling)

This brief concise statement  is where i have  set my compass. As my 44th Summer reigns,  this sutra,  a mere 4 words,  astoundingly carries the entire practice  of Yoga, according to the Great Yogic philosopher Patanjali.

Motivated by the realisation; That all of my perceived suffering up until this moment is a result of some kind of spiritual hijack.  Living in a prison, bound by time, the control mechanism of a spiritually barren world.  Our minds held captive with deceptive impressions, governed by desire,  choking  the real essence of life.


i can’t change the world- but –  i can change my mind.

A mind no longer, fed by desire.

A mind that discriminates  & leads to Yoga.

A mind that nourishes & strengthens the nervous system.

A mind that naturally grows in the direction that is life supporting.

A mind that is a powerful, positive force in the world.

A mind in union with the heart

The yoga I write of does  not require  a perfect pose. To  impart the journey of ‘yoga’s chitta, vritta nirodha’  it may be useful,  but in-fact, I am not required to do any Asana.

The yoga I write of has no place for, forcing,  repression or suppression  all for the sake of a higher awareness. Forcing any limb of Yoga, is never Yoga, it is a contradiction.   Refinement of our needs, dissolution of desire,  ‘yogas chitta vritta nirodha’,  will unfold as a result of the fullness experienced from full participation directed to the source of life.

The  prerequisite  for ‘yogas chitta vritta nirodha’ – ( neautralising the vortices of feeling) is that each day I respond to life in ways that  support & counter balance the play of energies that make up this most magical world of ours.

Actions that support a  balanced head &  heart clarity, devotion, flow and let go – rather – than control,  self-containment. To dig  for the diamond is to meet the wheel of fortune. Despite what shows up at any moment, I must be stable & strong, always with an eye on the inner sky.