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Yoga Nidra – Anyone can do it

Yoga Nidra is an aspect of Yoga that does not require the physical (asana) postures most commonly practised and associated to yoga in the west.  For this reason Yoga Nidra can be done by anyone from children, seniors or those weak from illness or recovery, all that you need to do is lie on the floor or sit on a chair.

Yoga Nidra offers the opportunity for deep relaxation, through guided techniques that take the student through the 5 Layers of the self (koshas-  systems of self -knowledge.) A student can’t do Yoga Nidra incorrectly, all that is required is your ability to consciously follow the voice guiding you.

The deeply relaxing technique of Yoga Nidra is a simple way to reduce stress. Facilitated by observing the body and breath during the different stages of the technique will effectively calm the nervous system. It is a safe opportunity to release deep emotions held within the body and mind, because there are no physical elements to the technique,  there is no bodily stress.

Intention is always set at the beginning of  the session, perhaps you come to the class knowing what you want to work on, or could be prompted by the teacher. Setting intention allows for the opportunity to explore reactions and feelings which we can ultimate liberate ourselves from. When practiced with awareness in a very short period of time, a deep natural peace can be experienced.

Join Carmen the 2nd Tuesday of every Month at 9:30 am, St Johns Room, Link Way, Wanaka for Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is offered as an integral aspect of ~Yoga in the community~ at the request of the students. The practice of Yoga Nidra develops Pratayahara (sensory withdrawl) & Dharana (concentration) the 5th & 6th limb of Yoga according the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.