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Why I won’t ever own a yoga studio

why I will never own a yoga studio, abundant.earthAwhile back a friend and I explored the idea of creating a yoga studio in the Upper Clutha Community, previous studios and teachers had come and gone and at this time there wasn’t one.

We took about two months to dive into the nuts and bolts of what it would take to create and support a studio. The conclusion that we came to was that the energy required to successfully build a studio space didn’t match our core values for life in general and  family & children in particular, whilst remaining true & dedicated to our  yoga journey. To operate and manage  a  yoga studio felt like forcing, the end goal always fell back to the need to  raise  money, to meet financial contracts.

At the heart of this inquiry  was the issue  of ownership. I couldn’t find a way to be ok with “owning” a studio that  required a business structure tied  to  current economic models, which are at the core highly consumptive & exploitive. This felt like a “sell-out” and complete  antithesis of why I practice and teach yoga.  I could have argued that offering yoga is  a welcome antidote to all that, a valid argument maybe, but not persuasive enough.

No matter how I looked at it, the  business model of owning a studio it held  conflict .   How could I impart authentic wisdom on  cultivating calmness  &  vital life energy , while in the same breath immerse in the qualities that come with ownership, such as pushing people to attend group classes through financial contracts, ultimately to meet financial goals of operating a commercial Yoga studio. kindness

I couldn’t.

I have come to realise, that as long as global economics continue’s to support a reality that puts real estate before community,  the conflict of ownership shall remain.

I  simply don’t  support this reality.

Therefore,  I continue to explore ways to facilitate yoga, in which  yoga can  be accessed not owned. Ways which allow offerings that flow naturally from the fruits of practice  and are aligned with the philosophy with which I teach.